Photoshop – Eraser tool – how do you edit multiple layers at once?

Is there anyway to use the Eraser tool on more then one layer at once?

my question stems from a project I’m working on where i am cleaning up a scan of an architectural drawing. The Architect has folded it, Spilled coffee among other things and there are a few dirty finger prints.

While trying to restore the white background, im finding that some dirty sections are harder to see then others, so what i have been doing is duplicating layer, then using Levels to bring out the specs in the new layer. Then using this new layer, i use the eraser tool to remove the specs from the original.

It would streamline my workflow greatly if i could Use the Eraser tool on 2 layers at once.

Any help would be Great. Thanks all


You don’t need to edit 2 layers at the same time. Instead, add a Levels adjustment layer (Adjustment Layer Icon) above it and just modify the original layer.

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