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I don’t know if any of you had this problem, I’m using photoshop CS3,
And sometimes in order to choose a font quickly, while the text tool is selected, I click on the text field that shows the currently selected font, then I type the name of the font I want to use, most of the times it works just fine and finds the font I want,

I just bought a package of fonts, they all begin with this “EFT” and when I type that in photoshop, it will not find any of them, but only select a different font.

The fonts do show on the list when I open it and I can select them manually, but it gets annoying when you have more than 1,000 fonts installed.

Do you have any idea what I could do to solve the issue?


Do you have any idea what I could do to solve the issue?

Don’t install 1000 fonts.

For starters, if you bought a package of 1000 fonts, they’re likely not great fonts to begin with.

Secondly, no one needs 1000 fonts. 100 is kinda crazy.

Invest some time into figuring out your core set of typefaces. Most good designers work with maybe 10-20 a majority of the time, and add the occasional one-off per project or what have you. Sorting through 1000 fonts every time you work on a project is just a giant waste of time and energy.

Source : Link , Question Author : Don , Answer Author : DA01

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