Photoshop: how to completely to fill an outline drawn with a brush?

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I drew an outline and filled the inside of it. But it did’t get completely filled: there’s a white gap between the stroke and the fill.

How can I implement a full fill without this gap?

Update: add details screen

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Tolerance 255(max) and 32
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I always paint over not fill the seats with a brush, but suddenly there is a faster method.


Use magic wand = 64.

Can I do something not so I do not understand why we have different results.

Layer transparent, nothing is locked. Magic Wand Tool click on the center of the circle, then pour Paint Bucket with a of 32 or 230.

The result is as follows:

enter image description here

Somehow, on a transparent background does not work.



  1. Draw a closed form;
  2. Take ‘Magic Wand Tool’ and click out of shape;
  3. ‘Select > Modify > Expand > 1 px’ and repeated depending on the contour; (create action or shortcut)
  4. ‘Select > Inverse’ (Ctrl+Shift+I)
  5. ‘Paint Bucket Tool’ click 2 times;

If there is more easy for a transparent background, write.

Thank you!

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