Photoshop: how to create buttons that look “subtly pushed”?

Any ideas how can I create “subtly pushed” buttons like the “Active filter” buttons in the following screenshot?

Mockup with subtly pushed buttons

The mockup is from here.

UPDATE: Here’s what I have got so far:

Current status


Try using an Inner Shadow Layer Style:

Inner Shadow Layer Style

You can tweak the size and opacity to adjust how subtle you want the effect to be

Pressed Button

Edit– How to closely replicate the example:

Taking a very close look at the example, it “pops out” using 3 features:


  1. An inner shadow to give the button depth
  2. A white drop shadow to give the foreground depth
  3. A gradient stroke to give the button more depth

I used the following layer style settings to try and recreate the example as close as possible (in addition to a Gradient Overlay of course):

Layer Styles

The Result:


Source : Link , Question Author : Behrang , Answer Author : Community

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