Photoshop – How to delete all hidden layer from selected Artboard only?

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Currently when I choose to “Delete Hidden Layers”, it deletes all hidden layer from all the artboards. How to delete hidden layers from some specific artboard only.

Obviously, in a basic setup it doesn’t make much difference, but when you’re working on 40-50 artboards setup with over 5-8 thousand of images then it really matters


Answering to my own question after 4 Days, maybe it helps to someone else.

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Deleting all hidden layers from a selected Artboard is simple once you follow these steps:

  1. Select the Artboard where you want to delete all of the hidden layers

    You can select more than one at a time

  2. Change Layer Filter to > Artboard

    Layer Filter is located in Layers Panel, it is the first Element

  3. Select > Delete Hidden Layers

    Delete Hidden Layers option is located in Layers Panel’s Menu

  4. Now Change Layer Filter to > Kind

Done! All hidden layers are deleted from selected Artboard(s) only.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mohd Faizan , Answer Author : joojaa

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