Photoshop: How to know which layer does graphic object inside

I have met this situation, and because I just learn photoshop so I don’t know how to solve this.

I have a psd file contains some layers. Those layers have grouped together. Then I draw a graphic (in my case is an eclipse). AFAIK, when I draw a new graphic object, photoshop will put automatically new object in new layer. I have checked but doesn’t see any new layers. I also test by disable each group (click on the eye on the left of the layer) but I always see that graphic object on screen. (So it means this object doesn’t contain in any layers, right ? )

The only solution currently is closing document without saving and redo work again.

My question is: where does this graphic object store. And how can I know which layer of some object when I don’t know where it come from.

Thanks 🙂


Photoshop puts new drawing onto a new layer only when:

  • you are creating a vector shape (not “path”)

    enter image description here

  • and existing layers are neither empty nor locked

If you still see your ellipse when all the layers are disabled – then you’ve drawn a path. Undo this and pick “Shape” tool mode from a dropdown near the ellipse icon when Ellipse tool is selected (as shown above).

Source : Link , Question Author : hqt , Answer Author : Aksana Zinchanka

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