Photoshop: how to replace a color with a specific new one

I have an image I’m just copy and pasting into Photoshop from another screen/web browser. It’s a greyscale clipart-style line drawing on a white background. I want to change ALL the white pixels in the image to another color (a specific RGB value), including the white pixels inside the drawing.

The Replace Color command appeared promising, but I can’t enter an RGB or even absolute HSB value.

So: how do I do this, either using Replace Color or another approach? Thanks!


In this case, instead of “replacing” selected color range, I’d rather add a layer filled with specific color below your clipart and changed clipart layer blending mode to “Multiply”. IMHO it’s much easier than just “replacing white”, allows you to easily change background color without reselecting background and—finally—will make dark lines properly blend into background.

As for filling layer with specific color, you can create “Solid Color” “Fill Layer” (recommended) or create empty layer and filling it with foreground/background color (IIRC there should be such actions in “Edit” menu, there are also keyboard shortcuts to do that). The latter method works also with selections.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ghopper21 , Answer Author : thebodzio

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