Photoshop Local Zoom?

Is there anyway to zoom in on only a portion of an image without enlarging the entire document?

I know that you can create a second window for the same document, put the windows side by side, and zoom in on the second window, however you can’t see the cursor, and the changes don’t update in real time.

What I have in mind would be kind of like a magnifying glass effect, and the purpose would be to make detailed adjustments or selections, while still viewing the whole document. If this is possible, maybe it requires a script or 3rd party application?

Thank you for your help!


You might find the navigator window helpful. You can pull the window off the tabs, and resize. When you zoom in on the image the navigator displays where you are in the image. It also updates immediately. I often use this functionality when retouching.

enter image description here

You can also drag the square around the navigator window, and the main window will move to that position.

Source : Link , Question Author : APD , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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