Photoshop – missing layers while saving as pdf?

I have problems saving my photoshop file as a pdf or eps vector graphic. It wont include some of the layers and I cant see why. See screenshot below:

screenshot: psd (left), pdf (right)

enter image description here

I tried out photoshop cs5 and cs6, both wont work on the file. example: psd and pdf file (zip)

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my psd file? I have other similar graphics where the export to pdf works as desired.

thanks for any hints.

update1: blending mode is normal, there are no differences between the layers which are displayed and the layers which are hidden.

i tried multiple pdf-readers (adobe reader, document viewer, texworks viewer), this shouldn’t be the problem. in addition, opening the pdf in illustrator gives the same result.

update2: rasterizing the layers is a workaround, but I need vectorized output, that’s why I save it to pdf/eps

update3: as i’m in hurry and i need this for my bachelorthesis i used the “dirty” workaround mentioned by Martie and rasterized the layers. the result is OK for my needs.

still, it would like to find out how this happened to avoid such hassle in future.


My solution to this issue:

Once I’m ready to export as a PDF, I select all layers and right click on them > click “Merge Layers”.

Everything will be condensed into one layer, now export the PDF (The PDF should be perfect since there aren’t multiple layers, smart objects, paths etc.)

After PDF export is finished just press “Ctrl+Z” (or Cmd+Z) to undo the “Merge Layers” action.

Voilà, all your layers are in tact and you have a good PDF file.

Source : Link , Question Author : Afr , Answer Author : GerardFalla

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