Photoshop on a retina screen, how to fix? [closed]

I am curious what’s your favourite fix or option for using photoshop on a retina screen like a macbook pro 13′ like mine.

I’m quite upset with this computer as it is a pain to do web design in, because as you may now, the photoshop canvas looks very very small at 100%.

For example a canvas of 1280×2000 px at 72dpi , is really small in photoshop (normal mode).
But if we select the low resolution mode, the fonts don’t look crisp and I find myself scrolling all the time , left and right.

So for a person like me that is constantly working on 99designs, what should I do to fix this.
Besides connecting to an external display.
As my HP 23xi is not working with this macbook pro, don’t ask me why, it gets cut and blurred.

Some help would be appreciated.

My Warmest Regards,

Luís Fernandes


It also depends what target devices you’re designing for; if you’re going for mobile, designing on retina for retina is fine, if you’re targeting desktop browsers, you need to zoom in, even if using [command+mouse wheel] zoom.

You can also try validating your Photoshop file for device-specific compatibility and other web-specific issues via

Source : Link , Question Author : Luis V.F , Answer Author : Scott

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