Photoshop picture black and white with colour (Lights)

I came across this picture online and I want to try and create something similar.


Can anyone give me some tips on how to recreate this image?

I have tried the following:

Create new layer & saturate.
Use the history brush to restore the lights.

It’s not turning out the way I would expect it to, i’m a Photoshop beginner and this to how I would usually create a color splash.



A very easy way to do it in Photoshop is to:

  • create a new layer over your image
  • fill it with 100% black
  • change it’s blending mode from normal to saturation (this will make the entire image b&w)
  • start deleting from the black layer (with eraser, pen, whatever you like) the parts that you want to be in color

What the black layer does is act like a black and white filter. It’s a really simple technique, see:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Oonagh , Answer Author : Alin

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