Photoshop PSD to PDF: Best Program/Settings

So I purchased a CV template, which came as a multi layered PSD file, which I edited in Photoshop and now want to convert/save as PDF.
Photoshop has this option, but I am not sure what are the best settings for the best size/quality ratio. I want to keep the option to select text in the PDF.

Should I use Photoshop to save it as PDF or another program to do the PSD>PDF conversion?

Thank you.


Based on some of the responses, I have finally found the solution. I built my resume in PSD and then opened the file with Illustrator using the ‘objects only’ function. Then I saved the file (with no compression) to PDF at maximum and WOW.

Photoshop would save the PDF at maxmimum compression to about 2MB but the quality was not good at all. Text would have issues.

Illustrator got the image quality perfect and file size down to 200KB. All text is still able to be highlighted and copied.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2247336 , Answer Author : User123

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