Photoshop: Save a part without cropping

when I need to save a part of an image as a new image in photoshop, I crop the picture, save-as, and undo the cropping. On huge files this is slow, and feels inefficient.

Is there a better way to tell Photoshop “save whatever you see in this rectangle as a new file”?


There’s no “Save Selection As” if that’s what you’re hoping for. The quickest way is probably to do:

  1. M (rectangular marquee selection)
  2. Ctrl / Cmd+Shift+C (copy merged)
  3. Ctrl / Cmd + N (new file)
  4. Ctrl / Cmd + V (paste)
  5. Ctrl / Cmd + S (save)

Source : Link , Question Author : Zsolt Szilagy , Answer Author : Ryan

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