Photoshop saving for png result unexpected

I have multiple layers with particular parts of products with Multiply applied and different opacity but when I try to save the image in png with transparency it seems like those layers which I used for Multiply don’t work else without transparency result is same as expected.

This is what I am expecting and as it looks in photoshop

Expected Result: enter image description here

But when I save them transparent a white shadow gets added near product *(I have added a background so that you can easily see the white artifact getting automatically added to the bottom right of image and above middle two boxes)

Unexpected Result: enter image description here


what i think this is not a PNG issue what you are doing is your both object are not similar to each other i checked your PSD and i slightly lift your top layer and erase all object content similar to your top layer, the output is ready.

8-bit png’s don’t do transparency properly. Save them as 32-bit and see.

Your Issue :


My Output :
desired output

Please let me know if you are not satisfied with this…

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