Photoshop to SVG path?

I’m working under the following constraints:

  1. I have Photoshop CS3 only
  2. I don’t have a budget to buy anything

I need to get a Photoshop shape converted into an SVG path.

How can I export or save from Photoshop CS3, and convert the shapes within to SVG paths, for use like this:

<path d="M10 10 H 90 V 90 H 10 L 10 10" />


This open-source script for Photoshop CS3 or later will convert the currently selected path to SVG code and display it in a dialog text field where you can either save it to a file or copy all or part of it to the clipboard:

Get SVG Code from Path

Source : Link , Question Author : Stephen Last , Answer Author : Mikaeru

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