Photoshop using Marque Tool > Path > Circular But Not a perfect shape?

Please consider this image below :
enter image description here

This is happened when I have a circular shape (marquee tool selection). THen after that I converted to Work Path (by right click of that selection). And I add 2.0 as its Tolerance Pixel.

After applying it. The shape become not perfect, could you see the difference? I make it with a black background so everyone could see it from the image no.2.

I realized this is a problem, because If i use that path for placing a text. the text wont follow the correct path as circular (selection), instead … the shape a bit changed (i think it’s ugly shape :: see the detail of the arrow).

How to solve this case ? I’m using Photoshop CS3.


Convert to work path is simply the wrong tool here. Pixel data to path data conversion is not a perfect process. Its a image trace which is also known as a curve fitting. Expecting it to be perfect is the problem here. Use shape tools instead of converting from selections.

Source : Link , Question Author : gumuruh , Answer Author : joojaa

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