Photoshop vs. Illustrator for Icon Development

My client is requesting SVG files (saving as an SVG would require me to build the icon in Illustrator), but I have always designed icons in Photoshop (importing vector art from Illustrator, and placing as smart object, + applying layers styles)—I find that Photoshop allows for greater flexibility in layering effects (for drop-shadows, gradients… for an embossed look).

Has anyone had any experience in building icons in Illustrator and creating the same effect that Photoshop provides?

I’m hoping to pitch my case, that I can build the icons in Photoshop and easily scale them to any required sizes—but I’m happy to build them in Illustrator if I can create the same effects.


If SVG is the desired output, I’d suggest giving InkScape a try. It’s open soure. While the UI isn’t quite as polished as AI, it’s quite robust and the native file format is SVG, so ideally suited for SVG work.

As for ‘effects’, you can emulate raster effects with vector files and vice versa. It can be tricking depending on the type of effect, but certainly doable.

Source : Link , Question Author : Leslie , Answer Author : DA01

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