Photoshop: zoom in/out while using Marquee Tool

Is there way to zoom in/out while creating a selection using the Marquee Tool?

Normally I can zoom by Alt + Mousewheel. This doesn’t work while using marquee tool, nor does using Ctrl +/-

If there’s not a way, does anyone know of any plug-ins available? I want to zoom while making a selection!! This would speed up so many things!


No, there’s not a way to zoom while selecting with the Marquee Selection tool. You’d have to zoom in/out before starting your next selection with that tool. I can’t answer as to whether there’s a plug-in to do that, but I have my doubts one exists.

An alternative that would allow you to zoom while making a selection would be to use the Lasso/Polygonal Lasso/Magnetic Lasso Selection tool. And unless you’re truly needing to select rectangular areas, these would be better suited than the Marquee Selection tool, anyway.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ghost Echo , Answer Author : digijim

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