“Picture Frame” mode on modern iPad

I have an iPad 1 with iOS 5. This is a “Picture Frame” mode which sports the following features:

  • Start slideshow from lock screen (“Flower” icon)
  • Show photo on whole screen with calm dissolve effect
  • Show photos in random order

A friend has a modern iPad with iOS 11. Here, the “Picture Frame” mode seems to be gone. However, there is a “Play” button in the photo album. This is how it works:

  • Start slideshow from inside photo album
  • Show collage of photos with various hefty effects
  • Show photos in sequential order (Starts at beginning every time)

How can I make a modern iPad show photos like the old iPad, ie. on the whole screen, with a subtle transition effect, and most importantly, in random order?


For the built-in Photos app, you can get subtle effects (dissolve, specifically, is available) in full screen of iOS 11, but I can’t find a way to randomise it, unfortunately.

Since I never used the picture-frame mode on my iPad 1, I can’t picture it (heh) in my head, but if you go to Photos → Your Album and choose Start Slideshow, you can tap on the slideshow and on the bottom right an Options button will be revealed, allowing you to change the speed of the transitions, toggle Repeat , choose or disable an accompanying musical theme, and choose the transition type (which includes Dissolve)

I’m not familiar with other slideshow applications, so I can’t suggest any.

Source : Link , Question Author : forthrin , Answer Author : snorbaard

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