Placing Items from Illustrator to Indesign

I’m trying to place an illustrator CC file with many artboards all into an Indesign CC file.

When I paste in the illustrations, the bounding boxes are giant.

When I place the file from file > Place, the quality of the illustrations is greatly diminished (looks very pixelated)

What is the proper way to move my file to indesign so I can place these illustrations in a book?

Thank you


Don’t paste content into InD!

Okay, that takes care of that nightmare. I’ll let others explain the limited exceptions to the rule.

Check your vector display settings

InDesign tries to spare your memory by displaying linked vector files in a pixelated preview mode. It assumes you know what it looks like. However, unless you’re working in a huge file on a sub-par workstation, it’s not necessary these days. Jump into your settings and drag that slider on up.

Depending on your version, the screen is pretty similar going a looong way back:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Dboody , Answer Author : Community

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