PNG to SVG batch conversion

Is there a tool to convert 302 PNG images to SVG?
I know how to do it one by one using Inkscape, but I need a tool to convert the 302 image at once.


This may help:

Put your files on the same folder.
Open your terminal, write

cd (your folder path)

for example

cd /Documents/FilesINeedToConvert

Then copy and paste this:

svg2png(){ png="${1%.*}.png"; inkscape --export-png="$png" --without-gui "$1" && pngcrush -brute -rem alla -rem text "$png" "$" && mv "$" "$png";}

That’s for Inkscape, but if you install ImageMagick, you can use these others, here: :

this one

for i in *.svg; do convert "$i" "${i%.svg}.png"; done

OR this

find . -name \*.svg -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 -P4 -I{} bash -c 'X={}; convert "$X" "${X%.svg}.png"'

Source : Link , Question Author : Egidi , Answer Author : Zura Guerra

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