Polygons around a circle almost like a sunburst

Its sort of like the sunburst but I need even whitespace between each fin, I dont need them to go completely around the circle just half. Ive tried stroke but did not give me the result I wanted or I was doing it wrong. Going thru and moving the objects with the select tool and rotating is becoming a massive headache. Even in my demo image its not even. Whats the best practice method to do this?



First, reconfigure the artwork.

Use guides to determine the center of the circle and place one polygon at the vertical center.


This step is a bit difficult to show in screenshots. With the pen tool click just once at the circle’s center to place an anchor point there. All you want is the anchor point, not a shape or path. With that anchor point still selected, shift-click to select the Polygon as well and group the polygon with that single anchor point.

Now choose Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform

First, of course, tick the preview option. Then click the bottom center point for the 9-point origin box enter a number greater the 0 in the Copies field, and then enter an angle value until you get the offset you are looking for. Click OK.


The polygon should still be selected, choose Object > Expand Appearance. This will create independent shapes for the effect you just applied. You can now use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) to click and delete any polygons you do not want. You can also delete all the duplicate single anchor points in the center of the circle.


Source : Link , Question Author : dynamo , Answer Author : Scott

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