Popular serif and sans-serif browser compatible font combinations?

I was curious as to which combinations of serif and sans-serif fonts are preferable to use that are compatible with most browsers.

While I am aware that with the introduction of CSS3 importing custom fonts is a great solution, I was wondering, as a back-up, which combination would be good to use? Is there even a good/bad combination with the available fonts?

The fonts would be used for a restaurant webpage.

I’m not 100% familiar with typography and would appreciate some professional opinions.


If you want to use @font-face, go for a service that ensures proper display on all (most) browsers and OS. Google Webfonts, Typekit and Fontspring come to mind, but there are some others as well.

Two articles on the topic that might interest you (also covering the standard webfonts):

DesignShack: 10 Great Google Fonts Combinations


Smashing: Complete Guide to Font Stacks

Source : Link , Question Author : Hanna , Answer Author : sk29910

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