Position copied content within guides using a single PS Action

I’m struggling to get the following done in a single action:

I have retouched full res TIFF’s – each with a product shot on transparency background. The products are in slightly different place in each image. I need to resize the images to 725px x 680px and place the product within guides.

I managed to set up an action for guides, but how can I copy one layer with product (can I use it as a smart object?) onto the document with guides so it fits into guides precisely?


I too think that editing SmartObject is the way to go. change the content while the SmartObject stays in place. Maybe the resizing needs to be an extra action. But placing them all withing the SmartObject and changing the visibility (e.g. via Layer Comps) should work in my opinion. Layer Comps can also easily be exported or adressed via action.

Source : Link , Question Author : michal , Answer Author : KMSTR

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