Possible to carry a whole branding process by yourself? [closed]

Probably beginner graphic designers interests start around logo creation. Then probably shift towards visual identity, then branding.

My interests started directly from logo to branding, now I kind of regret that. Because, as a beginner, I found out that branding it’s much more than the logo and visuals. Branding includes marketing research, tone of speech, customer services and how employees treat you, customer experience, and probably a lot more I’m not aware of.

Knowing this, the branding process seems like a really, REALLY intensive research work, more than I thought. It’s kind of overwhelming.

So my question is; Can you design/create a brand all by yourself as a beginner? Where can I learn to go solo on a branding process? Should I keep myself with Corporate Visual Identity first, then move to Branding?


Yes you can do a branding job solo, but it also kind of depends on the job and your experience.

Then, branding can mean different things, for some clients it may just be a logo and a website. Other times a branding job can mean so much you need a team to deliver.

Just stick to what you can do.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cristóbal , Answer Author : Lucian

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