Pre-Flight Software

I recently started a job with a monthly publication. I wanted to know what the options for pre-flight software are. I know of Acrobat, but it has been questionable at times, in terms of pointing of resolutions. Any advice or recommendations would be great!


I would take a look at this site.
These Profiles that are free to use are great for starting out understanding preflight and different methods that are used in the industry. I use one of them most of the time for Sheetfed CMYK.
I have used some of these profiles to get Clients started looking at preflight and how to use some of the Adobe Products. I would also contact a few printers that you might have in mind to use. If they recommend or help out they probably will be a good printer to use.

I am not affiliated with this Company so please understand I am only sharing what I have found to be helpful.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bhoward , Answer Author : Art of FITZ

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