Preserve Photoshop PNG transparent margin from generator

how i want drawer icon to look with margin
icon when generated

I am trying to create a new color for a drawer icon in AS. The stock one has margin to the right that I would like to preserve since it keeps the actionbar icon from sitting on top of it. When I create a new drawer icon in PS and then generate the .png all the transparency is excluded. I think I’m failing to understand something simple here. I know default is 32bit png, just in case I generated the image using .png32 to force it with no difference in the final image. I tried making a transparent box and creating a smart object from it hoping that layer would be preserved but that didn’t work either.


The transparency is not excluded. I mean, the transparency does exist where it should ( between the blue color blocks ). The image is just trimmed to get rid of that extra blank space that you don’t normally need.

It does kinda look like you are trying to export all contents within the document, in which case I might recommend Save For Web... like @Nomadme answered.

When you are using the Assets Generator, you can use Layer mask to define bounds for the image.

Like this:

enter image description here

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