Print large work on A4 printer

I have a work I should adjust according to the uneven surface. I need to print the mockup on A4 printer, i.e. the result is the glued A4 pages where each of the page is a separate part of the image. In other words, I have no printer of sufficient size and want to joint separate A4 pages into one large paper.

I never performed such a task, thus I ask to provide Illustrator as well as printer side solutions.



You can also save your Illustrator document as a PDF, and just use Adobe Reader/Acrobat’s (Reader shown below) Poster setting (red). After that you can adjust the options (yellow), and see a rough pagination preview of how the result would print (green).
If it isn’t the default, set the A4 paper size in your printer properties. Reader/Acrobat will do the page tiling for you.
Adobe Reader Poster Print

Source : Link , Question Author : Ilan , Answer Author : apex

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