Printing Google Fonts on Paper for clients to view / choose

I would like to print out 100-150 assorted fonts from Google Fonts on nice paper for clients to be able choose from, for website builds.

Is there a recommended way to do this?
I’m wondering if there’s already a PDF or if it’s easier to print all of them, that’s fine too. I just have not found a good example of all (or many) of the Google Fonts in a printable layout that I can show to clients.


Is there a recommended way to do this

The recommended way is to not do that.

The client is hiring the graphic designer for their skills and making decisions like that. If you’re just letting the client randomly pick elements of your design, you’re not a designer…you’re merely an assistant.

If you must print out a bunch of fonts, install them all, and then look at using some font management software–many of which have a feature to do just this.

Again, though, from a Graphic Design standpoint, you really do not want to do this.

Source : Link , Question Author : DreamGrowers , Answer Author : DA01

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