Printing in CMYK

I’ve designed my first business card and I’m trying to print it via Moo. I designed the card in Photoshop in RGB and Moo is requiring me to save in CMYK. CMYK does not support the colors I’ve chosen for my design. From what I’ve seen online there are no solutions or (acceptable) alternatives to this problem. It seems hard to believe that Moo is unable to print in the colors I’ve selected for my business card. Is there a way around this? What are my options?


There is no way to print RGB colors in CYMK simply because you can’t ‘print’ RGB, as it’s a projected light color space, not a reflective light (ie, ink) color space. Many colors overlap in RGB and CMYK spaces, but not all, as you’ve found out.

You can use spot colors to print more colors that CMYK can provide–which can get you closer to what you might want, but then you need to find a printer who can print in spot colors for you. I’m not sure if Moo offers that as an option.

Source : Link , Question Author : briamil2 , Answer Author : DA01

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