Printing over watercolor

I’ve previously screen printed over watercolors but would be interested in looking into digital printing onto paper thats been painted…

Is there any common process for doing this or is it just not done?


There’s no technical reason you couldn’t load a painted sheet in any digital press.

As you probably know, you have two choices:
Ink jet or laser.

Laser could be sketchy. You may have trouble finding a shop that wants to be your guinea pig. Due to the heating requirements of the laser process, things can easily be transferred from the substrate to the machine. Depending on your watercolor technique, that could definitely be an issue.

Ink jet should be painless. A little more expensive, but painless. There are plenty of print-on-anything ink jet printers in use today. I would test a few paper types for bleed and general printing quality, but it shouldn’t pose any problems.

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