Printing with Heidelberg CMYK Explained

I need to print a brochure on a CMYK heidelberg CPC printing machine.

The design house has asked me this: “We’ll need to know that/if you are using a specific profile for uncoated paper. Right now the pictures have FOGRA29 embedded for uncoated paper. Is that okay for you?”

I actually don’t know what this means… I don’t know what FOGRA29 is, all I know is my machine can print CMYK.

Can someone please explain what it all means?


Your answer is “Yes, that will be fine.”

  • FOGRA39 Coated
  • FOGRA27 Coated (lightweight)
  • FOGRA29 Uncoated

You’ll see that the CMYK working space for the document on uncoated stock is FOGRA29.

EDIT > Color Settings > Working Spaces CMYK: Uncoated FOGRA29.

Don’t alter the correct setting. Good Luck.

Note: The RIP will take care of any necessary conversions.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rajesh , Answer Author : Stan

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