Problem matching colors

The background color of my website is a light gray. I have a stock image with a white background that I would like to blend with my background. So I picked a small rectangle of the background and pasted it as a new layer in Photoshop. Then I added a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to the stock image below. I moved the brightness slider until the small rectangle disappeared, meaning the colors should match, I should think.
But when I add the image to my site there’s still a discrepancy; the stock image background is too dark.

What’s the best way to adjust the stock image’s background so that it matches my site’s background?


  • Copy the Hex or RGB color value from the web site CSS file.
  • Set Photoshop’s Foreground Color to that Hex/RGB value
  • Create a New Layer above the stock image
  • Fill the new layer with the foreground color (Edit > Fill)
  • Set the Blend mode of this filled layer to Darken
  • If necessary, create a Layer Mask on the fill layer and mask (paint) away any areas which got darker and weren’t desired.
  • File > Save for Web...

Source : Link , Question Author : stevenvh , Answer Author : Scott

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