Problem pasting text into Inkscape

When I try to paste bigger text into Inkscape, it splits it into small parts and it’s impossible to put them together. I can’t change font type or anything in whole text at once without rewriting it. Is there any option to prevent this splitting and pasting whole text as a one part?


As of Inkscape 0.91, there is actually a place to copy/paste plain text to get around this problem.

  1. Create or select the text frame
    If it is not a text flow, you need to type of placeholder text too.
  2. On the Text menu, click Text and Font
  3. On the Text tab, paste the text you want into the box.
  4. Click Apply.

The reason for the original issue is (I’m guessing) how Inkscape was interpreting new lines.

It’s sometimes not just the text that gets copied but other information too, like formatting data and such. Given the purpose of Inkscape (design), I’m always reluctant to just copy/paste something. There could be–for example–extra spaces somewhere, or what I thought was one character was actually something else. For pasting large blocks of text, using the Text and Font window (or editing the XML directly) is the best way to go.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sandra , Answer Author : Scribblemacher

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