Problem with bold line in pattern after I export file from Illustrator into Photoshop

enter image description here

I made pattern in illustrator, imported into Photoshop and I get bold line over all edge lines.

How to remove that problem? Don’t know what to do.

I turned off AA in general settings and in pattern–>make option change values so I get rid off those bold lines, and look ok. But when I export that pattern in Photoshop that bold lines comes back again. I made another shape and I get the same result.

I noticed that always happens when I create shape with multiple objects.

For example, I created an object from the image with rectangle and ellipse tool, combine and slice them after to get the big object in the middle so I can surround that smaller object and create pattern. All objects are perfect match but something I do wrong.


Source : Link , Question Author : Nenad , Answer Author : Community

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