Problems in Saving as pdf – image resolution decreases and text resolution remains same

i have been facing this problem many times. When ever i save any high resolution image in PDF format, the pictures in the image gets pixelated and the text or any shape remains unpixelated. But whan i view the same image as .jpeg it looks perfect with all the details. The image is fitting to screen of PDF only at 500%, but when i am putting it to 100%, it is coming as small image(image attached). I have attached some image to explain my situation. Please let me know if there is any format of saving files as PDF to get the best output. Or if someone can suggest the best settings to save in PDF.

This is the PDF output –
enter image description here

This is the JPEG output –
enter image description here

These are the settings i used to save as PDF –

enter image description here

enter image description here

This is Photoshop setting of the image –

enter image description here

This is how the Image looks in PDF at 100% –

enter image description here


On screen, it’s the pixel width and pixel height which are used.

In print, the width and height are greatly effected by the overall ppi of the image. Photoshop does not use PPI for on screen display. It uses the pixel with and height. However, when you print the PPI is then factored in.

PDF files are assumed to be for printing. They generally use the width, height, and ppi of any image to determine its overall size.

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