program to create simple animations for visualization?

I’m looking for a small and light program that allows me to create simple animations for the purpose of visualization. I want to be able to create animations similair to this.

Usually, I do animations like these in PowerPoint, however it’s way too bloated/slow for the simple animations I want to do. I’m looking for a faster alternative that is more focused on creating simple animations.


I found the difficulty curve of after effects very steep. It’s enormously powerful but it’s a keyframe based, timeline animation tool. A lot of the really obvious properties are buried in “twirl down” menus.

If you’re just looking to import images and move them around, you could try Flinto – it’s great for very simple animations where you set a start and end state in separate screens, then it tweens the motion for you.

It also has the advantage of really simple interactivity because it’s a prototyping tool.

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