Proposal Software that’s NOT based on a SaaS model?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a proposal creation system that isn’t a SaaS offering like Bidsketch or its various competitors? I know one-time purchase software is growing incredibly hard to find in this day and age, but I loathe SaaS and I’d really like to find a solution I can purchase once and host on my own server, like my current billing software Pancake App.

(Pancake, incidentally, does offer proposal creation as a feature, but it’s horribly unfriendly and buggy as hell, and I hate it)

The alternative is creating them manually in InDesign the way I used to, but that was super tedious and I’d rather not revert to that. :/

Thank you for any and all suggestions!


I too spent alot of time in Indesign, but recently moved my stuff to Wave. It’s free, professional & has a great UX/UI.

Source : Link , Question Author : ajw-art , Answer Author : Lucian

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