PSD format or cut up graphics?

I have asked a design company for a quote for a website design. They have asked me if I would like the graphics in PSD format or cut up graphics.

I am assuming that the PSD format is an image of a whole page (i.e. a mockup/design) and the cut-up graphics will be images for each graphic (icons, buttons, etc.).

Is my assumption correct? Which would be better? I need site designs (for the unique pages) plus all of the relevant artwork (icons, etc. – note I will do the menus in CSS). So should I ask for PSD’s of the pages plus ‘cut up graphics’ where relevant?


You need to define ‘web site design’. Are they building the site? The presentation layer? Just visuals?

If just visuals, who’s building the site? Who’s doing the presentation layer?

I’d normally never recommend splitting visual design and presentation layer production as independent tasks. They really need to be designed together.

As such, the folks building the presentation layer would need to work with those doing the visual design to establish how they’d like to collaborate and how images should be delivered.

Source : Link , Question Author : Techboy , Answer Author : DA01

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