Quick-Connectors in Illustrator

I’m trying to create a diagram in illustrator, and what I’m looking for is the ability to use some kind of “quick connector” like in Visio.

Basically it’s the ability to make a spline or straight line connector between two points/objects, which will automatically expand or stretch as one of the objects is moved.

Anyone know how to achieve “quick connectors” in illustrator?


Simply put, you can’t.

Illustrator offers no ability to connect objects beyond grouping them or compound shapes. Neither groups nor compound shapes will offer the dynamic ability to move objects similar to Visio.

I am not even aware of any plug-ins for Illustrator which will allow this. It simply can not be done in Illustrator.

Anchors need to be specifically selected along with a shape in order to move them together.

See THIS ANSWER for a possible workaround.

Source : Link , Question Author : Makita , Answer Author : Scott

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