Radial blend with two different shapes

Anyone know how to do this? have tried everything I know of.

Thanksenter image description here


I’m assuming you know how to create a blend in Illustrator. If not, see here.

  • Create the blend vertically.

  • Draw a semi-cricle path

  • Select the blend and the semi-circle and choose Object > Blend > Replace Spine

  • At this point it’ll look wrong. So choose Object > Blend > Blend Options

  • Change the orientation to “Align to Path” rather than to “Align to Page” (The right option should be depressed, see below)

  • adjust the “Specified Steps” as necessary.


The path used for the spine can be any path. The procedure is essentially the same for any blend which does not follow a straight path….

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : MrCheese , Answer Author : Scott

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