Rasterizing circle to exact size

I have created a circle in Illustrator with a radius of 12px.

enter image description here

Now I’m trying to rasterize this into a .png from Photoshop to have the exact same size, but anti-aliasing is messing things up and the height is actually 11px instead of 12px.

enter image description here

I tried both, exporting the .png from AI and opening the .ai file from Photoshop but I get the same result. So how can I rasterize my vector to match the desired size?


Make sure your shape is placed on whole pixel values (ie, X:851px and not X:851,728 px)
If your object is aligned to the pixel grid, antialiasing won’t make it bigger.

You can do this easily by selecting the option “Align to pixel grid” in the Transform panel (if you don’t see it, select “show options” from the flyout menu)

Align to pixel grid

To do this automatically for new objects, in the transform panel options choose “Align new objects to pixel grid”

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael , Answer Author : spiral

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