Realistic Gold Bevel Pattern

I am trying to replicate the gold bevel effect used on Jay-Z’s “Watch the Throne” album (see pic) in Photoshop. Any ideas?

enter image description here


I was suprised, but after a close look, I think this has been produced in Photoshop, by just taking the original version of the artwork, deriving a mono image representing the foreground layer only, and then applying an Bevel/Emboss filter, Innver Bevel style, Chisel Soft technique.

enter image description here

You need to use a complex “metallic” gradient – a lot more variation between light and dark than Photoshop’s built-in library swatches, and I think the Gloss Contour settings would need a bit of work to get it looking this shiny.

Then I think it’s had a very shallow Emboss filter applied to the flat background and a gradient map over the top of both.

Source : Link , Question Author : UserLoser , Answer Author : e100

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