Recommendations on how to synchronize Photoshop actions, swatches, etc. across computers

Is there any convenient way to synchronize Photoshop settings like keyboard shortcuts, actions, swatches, custom layer sytles, etc.. across several computers, preferably in an automated way?

So far, I have occasionally synchronized some of the above mentioned by dumping them to my cloud service of choice, but this is a bit too cumbersome and again and again requires figuring out what folders goes what, especially as I am synchronizing between different operating systems.

Any suggestions on how to automate this, so I would have the same settings on all my machines, no matter where I change them? Advice for other programs like Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, etc.. is welcome, too.


Hazel for Mac could automate a lot of the copying for you, which could be used in conjunction with Dropbox. Like all things that sync, there might be some situations where you’d want to merge or have some other logic happening, but it might not be possible with that setup — I think the best it could do is blindly copy based on date modified.

I haven’t done that myself. It may cause issues, especially if Photoshop etc are open at the time (Hazel can probably account for this though, and only sync when they’re closed).

Source : Link , Question Author : kontur , Answer Author : Marc Edwards

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