Recommended Body Font Size for Print Magazine?

I am working on a print magazine in InDesign with a smaller than normal layout: 169mm x 239mm – which body font size would be recommended for this layout size? I have tried using 8pt for the body size but at this time it appears to be too big.


The recommended sizes for print are 10-12pt however this is dependent on the typeface being used also as the structure (cap height, x-height, etc. (if you want more information on that this is a nice starting point) varies from typeface to typeface.

For the body 11pt is typically a good size but you must remember to keep your audience at the front of your mind when designing. If your audience is particularly young or of an older generation where developmental or visual concerns may come into play you might want to consider using a larger font.

Colour, line spacing, tracking, etc. will also significantly impact the overall appearance of your text also so playing around with these may produce a desirable result.

If in doubt, play it safe and go bigger than you think you’ll need (without overdoing it). Better to be sure than have it illegible.

Source : Link , Question Author : nschacherer , Answer Author : Maeve G

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