Recommended powerpoint template dimensions

I am creating a new powerpoint template for my company (yes, I know, I know…) and I am not sure what dimensions are best to use.

I know the most popular is 4:3, but I see the 16:9 is widescreen and that’s what most people use nowadays.

The 4:3 or the 16:9?

Is there a best practices guide?

update: I have since come across this useful slideshare which breaks it down.

I will probably end up doing doing both, design for 4:3, then adapt it to the contemporary 16:9 dimensions of powerpoint 2013



Mainly, it depends on the final destination of the presentation, and who will have control over presenting it. That is to say, if only you will be presenting it, and will have control over the viewing device, the choice is yours (although 16:9 gives you more real estate, and is, in fact, the more contemporary proportion).

If you will be sending the .ppt/.pps to others (clients, prospects, internal salespeople), you’ll probably want to use 4:3, simply as that’s more of a “lowest common denominator”.

That said, at my company, our usual best practice is to make both versions, so we have either one at the ready. 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Talli Sharron Rozowsky , Answer Author : DLev

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