Recommended workflow to expand paths without creating unnecessary anchors points

I’d like to know if what I do is the correct process for what I want to achieve.
I created some paths to draw the strokes of an illustration (a helmet).

As these strokes are paths, and they can’t be merged together, so I decided to use the expand function of illustrator. This way, I could merge all the paths and have something clean.

The only ‘issue’ is the fact when I use this function, it generates a lot of useless anchors points.

I want to also mention that I used the ‘width tool’ on these paths, to give some thickness at some places before expanding. I mention this because I noticed it doesn’t create as many extra anchors points when I expand without using the widthtool.

I tryed to use as well the simplify tool but that doesn’t give nice result.

So finally, is there a good workflow to expand paths? Should I have managed this differently?

Here is a picture to show you what I mean:

The isssue I'm pointing

The color of the helmet is given by a simple shape placed behind the stroke. Once again, as a ‘noob’ with illustrator I’m not sure I did it well.


Astute Graphic’s InkScribe (Smart Remove Point) should do a great job on beautifully cleaning those points. Here’s their page:

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