Recreating a Photoshop Gradient From a Bitmap Screenshot

What’s the most accurate technique for re-creating a gradient in Photoshop from a bitmap image like a screenshot?

So far I’ve been using the dropper tool to pick out colors and manually set color stops but it seems like there must be a more accurate way of setting the position and the number of color stops using an existing bitmap as the source.


This can depend highly on the type of gradient. If it is a linear gradient I would measure the first and last pixel and compare side by side. Then you have to look into if it is a dithered gradient. If it is more than two colors you’d have to find the “pure” 3rd color and it’s position. The goal is to stay away from calculated colors.

By hand, with side by side comparison and spending a bit of time is probably the most accurate you can get without the source files.

Source : Link , Question Author : berg , Answer Author : KMSTR

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