Recreating a shape in AI or Sketch

Can anyone recommend me a tutorial or give me some indications on how I might be able to recreate this shape in AI or Sketch?

enter image description here

It doesn’t seem so complicated, I’m sure that might be just one simple trick to achieve a curved line like this one.

Thank you!


The ‘trick’ with drawing this kind of shape is to break it down into its constituent parts. In this case, quarter circles and 45 degree angle lines should do it. The following screenshot shows what I managed to achieve in about 5 minutes, it’s pretty rough, but it shows the principle. At the top are some of the components and below is the shape that I’ve assembled from those parts:

enter image description here

Using smart guides and/or snapping to objects and points helps with getting everything to join up nicely.

Your specific approach would depend on whether you want to exactly recreate the reference image or create something of your own in a similar style. If you need to recreate the logo exactly then you would want to work over the top of it to match the angles and alignment exactly.

Source : Link , Question Author : agis , Answer Author : Westside

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