Recreating old handwriting into a font?

I am trying to make a cookbook in honor of my recently deceased mother. I have a bunch of her recipes and a couple are her actual hand writing with detailed instructions. I’m hoping to somehow replicate her writing for all the recipes (possibly into a font I could simply re-type?). I am not tech savvy. Can this be done? If I were to try to find someone more “computer intelligent” what industry of job title would I even search? Sorry very new and just wanting to make something special. Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated.


Computer fonts cannot replicate the variations which are common in handwriting. Some certain letter combinations can be defined as ligatures and open type fonts can also have varied letter versions and decoratives, but everyone sees in a second that it’s computer font, not written by hand.

Creating a rich script font is a major task. It starts on paper by defining and practicing the letters so well that one is also able to input them to a font editor. Have a couple of months time to define the style and double it for becoming also able to work with a font editor program and finally some more to input the needed data. Font editor programs are available as well commercially as for free.

Trivial case – manual lettering where the letters are written rigidly in the same way – has numerous commercial and free solutions. Drawing program Inkscape has font creating tools. The fonts can be used in Inkscape, but inputting the letters as curves needs the ability to draw with Inkscape.

There are websites which generate font from your curves. Program Scanahand accepts scanned or in drawing program filled image of a form where the letters are drawn one by one.

All methods presented above need that you can draw the wanted letters by yourself or know how to extract them as computer graphics curves from an existing writing. No machine nor generally available software will do it for you automatically. Do not expect to replicate any highly personal handwriting style in the mentioned ways.

Serious academic research has produced something better, but unfortunately I do not know any details. Start your own research from this

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